and treatment for persons affected by other diseases of urgent public health significance for which federal quarantine is not yet authorized.


The hospital agrees to provide the following services:

  1. Provide the referred individual such clinical evaluation, examination, diagnostic, and treatment services as indicated, based on consultation with CDC, for the disease(s) or abnormality(ies) for which the individual was referred.

  2. Admit the referred individual for care and subject to the availability of beds.

  3. Provide care for the individual using isolation and other standard infection control precautions….

  4. Upon request, provide to CDC appropriate medical information and clinical specimens obtained from the referred individual.

  5. Consult with CDC on all decisions related to the care of the referred individual which may have a public health impact, including the discontinuation of isolation precautions and discharge from the hospital.

  6. Communicate information related to the referred individual to local or state public health authorities, as required by applicable state and local laws related to the reporting of persons with communicable diseases.

  7. Provide to CDC, within sixty days of execution of this agreement, a written statement outlining the fulfillment of the minimal criteria for hospitalization and care of persons with specified communicable diseases as outlined in Appendix 1.

CDC agrees to provide the following services:

[The first two items in this section are perfunctory and therefore were omitted from this abbreviated MOA.]

  1. Provide appropriate input and consultation related to the epidemiology, clinical and laboratory diagnosis, management, and prevention of transmission of disease(s) for which the referral was made.

  2. Collaborate with state and local public health authorities to assist with the design and implementation of appropriate infection control practices at the Hospital and in the community.

  3. Provide guidance to the Hospital on personal protective equipment and other measures to be used by healthcare workers in the care of referred individuals.


The Hospital and CDC acknowledge that the Hospital retains primary responsibility for the clinical care of the referred individual, and that CDC will serve in a consultative capacity. The Hospital and CDC further acknowledge that CDC retains full authority for determining when to institute and/or discontinue isolation of individuals referred under this agreement. The Hospital and CDC finally acknowledge that CDC represents interests of public health, and that the Hospital may be asked to assist in the implementation of communicable disease control and prevention measures.

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