Day 2


Immunology, Assay Standardization, and Correlates of Protection


Pandemic Vaccines – Assessment, Development and Production Strategies


Strategies to Contain Outbreaks and Prevent Spread


Virus Transmission: Understanding and Predicting Pandemic Risk

Each working group was directed to:

  • identify research needs broadly in the topic area;

  • select the highest priority activities that should be accomplished in the immediate term (1-2 years), short term (5 years), long-term (10 years); and

  • provide input on approaches and potential timelines to address those priority needs.

An expanded list of specific questions for each workgroup was also provided.

A chairperson, topic briefer, and rapporteur, were assigned to each working group to facilitate the discussion. The working group briefer provided an overview of the state-of-the art (what is known) and the gaps (what is not known) in the working group area to frame the discussion. The rapporteur synthesized the discussion and provided an oral presentation of the working group’s research priorities to the plenary.

The Proceedings of the John La Montagne Memorial Symposium on Pandemic Influenza Research Gaps represents a slightly edited transcript of the plenary presentations, rapporteur presentations, plenary discussion and presentation slides. It is not an official report of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine, or the National Research Council (the “National Academies”). Opinions and statements included in the transcript are solely those of the individual persons or participants at the workshop, and are not necessarily adopted or endorsed or verified as accurate by the National Academies.

Appendix A contains short biographies of plenary speakers and Appendix B provides a list of the individuals who attended the symposium. The Symposium agenda follows.

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