TABLE 3-1 ATM Research Proposal Statistics for FY 2003





Submitted proposals




Competitive awards




Average annual award (in 1996 dollars)







Average duration

3 years

3 years

3 years

FIGURE 3-1 Trends in average annual awards (in millions of FY 1996 dollars) and number of grants awarded by ATM since 1985.

ATM, personal communication, July 22, 2005). Until recently, most grants were of three-year duration, but this has been changing slowly toward a larger number of four- and five-year grants.

The average annual amount of ATM awards to PIs is about $127,000 per year, although actual support to an individual PI may be less if the grant is awarded to multiple investigators or more if allocations of computing or observing facilities are included in the award. For university faculty members, this amount normally includes up to two months of summer salary; support for graduate students, undergraduate students, or both; miscellaneous expenses such as travel, computing, and page charges; and institutionally determined fringe benefits and indirect costs. Over the past 10 years, 570 graduate students, on average, have been supported by ATM research grants each year, constituting a large percent-age of graduate students in atmospheric science departments. The funding is

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