Interactions Among Risks

Recommendation 2.2—Define, Quantify, and Mitigate Interactions Among Risks

The committee recommends that greater effort be devoted to identifying and explaining the interrelations among risks and risk mitigations that are grouped within and across the cross-cutting categories in the BR.

Creating the Cross-Cutting Categories “Human Systems Integration” and “Food and Nutrition”

Recommendations 2.4 and 2.5—Create Two New Cross-Cutting Categories: Human Systems Integration and Food and Nutrition

The committee recommends that NASA create two new cross-cutting categories in the BR:

1. A cross-cutting category that spans the two existing categories of “Behavioral Health and Performance” and “Space Human Factors Engineering” risks listed currently in the area of Advanced Human Support Technologies. This new category should be labeled “Human Systems Integration,” consistent with the terminology currently in use by the U.S. Department of Defense (2004) and the Human Systems Integration in NASA Headquarters.

2. The cross-cutting area “Nutrition” should be renamed and expanded to “Food and Nutrition” to more fully encompass the concepts of dietary needs for space flight and emphasize the relationships between nutrition and food technology. Further, the committee recommends that the impact of inadequate food and nutrition on processes related to mental and physical health risks and maintenance of the space environment and life support systems be defined from the standpoints of food safety, quality, and quantity, and interventions proposed if problems occur.


Specific issues are those areas that deserve focused attention and refinement in the BR to more effectively accomplish its goals as a management

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