Bioastronautics Critical Path Roadmap (BCPR), 17, 66

Bioastronautics Roadmap (BR)

current printed and on-line versions of, 63, 68

as a dynamic and current database, 2, 9, 14, 68–70

hyperlinks in “Important References” section, 68

overall assessment of, 23–24

Risk Rating Categories and Priority Definitions, 20

updating and maintaining, 24

Bioastronautics Roadmap (BR) content, 25–59

creating the cross-cutting category “Food and Nutrition,” 37–40

creating the cross-cutting category “Human Systems Integration,” 35–37

fusing the relationships between human factors and technology in, 34–40

overarching issues, 26–34

specific issues, 40–54

Bioastronautics Roadmap (BR) context, 73–85

addressing the challenges posed by the small sample size, 78–80

analysis and prioritization to meet the launch schedule, 75–78

the case of advanced human life support, 82–83

efficiency and technology issues, 80–82

organizational characteristics and risk, 73–75

Bioastronautics Roadmap (BR) process, 60–72

determination of acceptable risk, 67

Independent Health and Medical Authority, 70–71

keeping the BR current, 69–70

risk assessment, 60–66

risk communication, 68–69

Bioastronautics Science Management Team (BSMT), 19, 61, 64–65

Biological issues, for autonomous medical care and self-care, 51

Bleeding control, operational issues in, 52

BMAD. See Bone mineral apparent density

BMD. See Bone mineral density

Bone fracture risk, associated with prolonged exposure to microgravity, 115–119

Bone loss

countermeasures to, 32

priority of, 65

Bone mineral apparent density (BMAD), 116

Bone mineral density (BMD), 115–116

BR. See Bioastronautics Roadmap

British Medical Research Council Cancer Trials, 121

BSMT. See Bioastronautics Science Management Team

Bush, George W., 20, 22


CAIB. See Columbia Accident Investigation Board

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), operational issues in, 52

Central nervous system (CNS) impairment, 6, 46–47, 49

CEV. See Crew Exploration Vehicle

Challenger Space Shuttle, 73–74

Chief Engineer, 70

Circadian rhythm, problems with, 41

Clinically acute problems, 53

CNS. See Central nervous system impairment

Cochrane Collaboration, 62

Cognitive therapy, brief forms of, 43

Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB), 70, 74

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