Clinic Name and Location

Clinic Characteristics

  • Staff: Senior oncology nurse practitioner, two medical oncologists, a cardiologist, two primary care physicians, social workers, a nutrition specialist, and a psychologist. Referrals are made for genetic and psychosocial counseling.

  • Clinical focus: Clinical surveillance and follow-up for testicular cancer patients and adult survivors of childhood cancers. Also provides a consultative and research service for breast cancer survivors, which involves surveying breast cancer survivors by mail to identify issues affecting quality of life, and then communicating surveillance and treatment suggestions to their oncologist.

  • Research: Active research program.

  • Barriers: Visibility of the program to patients and oncologists. Obtaining funding for survivorship research.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: Lance Armstrong Foundation Adult Survivorship Clinic

  • Year founded: 2004.

  • Patient population: All cancer survivors after completion of primary therapy.

  • Staff: Medical oncologist, nurse practitioner, cardiologist, medical educator, and mental health provider.

  • Clinical focus: General survivorship, especially late effects of disease and treatment.

  • Research: Active research program.

  • Barriers: Part of the research focus will be to characterize barriers to providing survivorship services.

Supported by the Lance Armstrong Foundation

the range of services provided, especially because nonphysician personnel deliver much of the care. In addition, referrals to the clinics are limited because many cancer survivors and oncologists are not aware of the clinics, probably because they were established only in the past few years. Also, some patients prefer to continue seeing their oncologists, and some oncologists would rather follow patients themselves.

Although relatively few survivors of adult cancer are cared for in specialized survivorship clinics, specialized follow-up clinics for survivors of childhood cancer have emerged as an acceptable model in the past decade. There are 35 comprehensive follow-up programs for survivors of

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