BOX 5-1
Essential Content of Survivorship Training for Health Care Providers

  • Prevention of secondary cancers

  • General discussion of survivorship

  • Long-term complications/sequelae of treatment

  • Trends and statistics in health care access

  • Health care systems/quality assurance/models of care

  • Rehabilitation services

  • Quality-of-life issues in survivorship

  • Detection of recurrent and secondary cancers

  • Pain management

  • Palliative care/end-of-life care

  • Short-term complications

  • Treatment of recurrent cancer

SOURCE: Ferrell et al. (2003).

2005).3 An educational opportunity available to a cross-section of health professionals is a cancer survivorship biennial conference sponsored by NCI’s Office of Cancer Survivorship and the American Cancer Society (ACS) (NCI and ACS, 2002, 2004).


The status of undergraduate and graduate medical education is described in this section, followed by some examples of opportunities for continuing medical education on survivorship for practicing physicians.4 Given their educational potential, the availability of clinical practice guidelines related to cancer survivorship is included in this discussion.


An older, now out-of-date training program for health professionals, The Cancer Journey: Issues for Survivors, was developed by NCI in collaboration with the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship and Ortho Biotech, Inc. It was designed to (1) raise awareness of cancer survivorship; (2) demonstrate how to provide effective support, accurate information, and useful referrals; and (3) promote the empowerment of survivors and their families to work effectively with their health care team, employers, and others concerning issues related to their cancer history (NCI, 1998).


The status of survivorship-related educational opportunities for psychiatrists are described later in the chapter in the section on psychosocial and mental health providers.

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