enlistees with and without mental health conditions existing prior to service, (5) conduct a cost-benefit analysis regarding the effects of increasing the stringency of the current marijuana waiver policy, and (6) conduct further research on the relationship between smoking and attrition, with particular attention to the behavioral factors driving the observed relationship.

Standard Retention

One issue concerns retaining a current standard. Due to the prevalence of asthma, the committee carefully reviewed the literature on the relationship between asthma and outcomes of interest to the Services and concluded that the current standard and waiver process are appropriate.

The committee concluded its earlier study of the role of youth attitudes toward the military and of aptitude and educational standards by noting that recruiting is a complex process, with no single route toward achieving recruiting goals. We end here with the same conclusion. We think, however, that we have been able to highlight a variety of important issues meriting attention as efforts to improve the effectiveness of the recruiting process continue.

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