BOX 2-1
Physical Standards Categories (6130.4)






Nose, sinuses, and larynx



Lungs, chest wall, pleura, and mediastinum


Abdominal organs and gastrointestinal system

Genitalia (male)

Genitalia (female)

Urinary system

Spine and sacroiliac joints

Upper extremities

Lower extremities

Miscellaneous conditions of the extremities

Vascular system

Skin and cellular tissues

Blood and blood forming tissue diseases


Endocrine and metabolic disorders

Neurological disorders

Learning, psychiatric, and behavior

Tumors and malignant diseases


an explanation and, in some cases, the recruiter may assist the applicant in obtaining all relevant medical records. Also, each applicant’s body mass index (BMI) is estimated at the recruiting station to ensure that it meets the standard of the Service to which the applicant is applying (there is some variation among the Services; see Chapter 5 for a full discussion). An applicant will be temporarily disqualified at the MEPS if he or she does not meet the BMI or body fat standards.

If a recruiter has a concern about a particular medical condition, he or she can call a MEPS medical technician through the Dial-A-Medic Program to ask questions regarding an applicant’s medical eligibility. Medical prescreening forms and associated documentation are forwarded to the local MEPS for further processing; this paperwork precedes the applicant’s visit to the MEPS. Applicant transportation to the MEPS is

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