in network science. Her analysis considered the 1,241 unique names of network science researchers identified during the course of the questionnaire and citation studies.1 Names were replaced by unique identification numbers to preserve the anonymity of the respondents. Relationships among the initial invitees, respondents, and identified collaborants are depicted in Figure 6-5.

Figure 6-6 shows the major components (connected graphs of size greater than or equal to 10 nodes) of the resulting network science researcher network (NSRN). The Pajek shows exactly 630 of the 1,241 unique researchers and their association with collaborations and invitations to complete the questionnaire plot (Batagelj and Mrvar, 1997). Each researcher is represented by a node. The nodes are color coded to identify researchers who submitted (brown) or did not submit (orange) questionnaires. The size of the circle (node) reflects the number of times the researcher is mentioned by other researchers.

The details of the visualization analysis are provided in Box D-1 of Appendix D. Upon reviewing the results of the analysis, the committee agreed to include the following two findings on the empirical state of the proposed field of network science:

Finding 6-7. Analysis of the social and collaboration networks of the respondents provides additional evidence that network science is an emerging area of investigation.

Finding 6-8. Analysis of the social and collaboration networks of the respondents provides additional evidence of the multidisciplinary nature of network science.


Batagelj, V., and A. Mrvar. 1997. Pajek: Program Package for Large Network Analysis. University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Available at Accessed August 18, 2005.


Katy Börner, associate professor, Indiana University, “Mapping the expertise and social network of network science researchers,” briefing to the committee on April 13, 2005.

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