successfully implemented performance measurement programs in physician practices. We are particularly interested in learning how more cumbersome measures (such as those requiring either chart review or registries) have been successfully implemented in ways that are acceptable to physicians while ensuring complete and valid data collection. We want to hear how you became successful and at what cost. Your organization has been identified as an innovator in this field. We would like to respectfully request from you, if willing, a succinct narrative of your initiative (no more than 2 pages single spaced) describing your implementation process, specifically addressing as many of the following questions as you are able to complete without major effort.

  1. What kinds of data have you used for your performance measures in physician practices (i.e., claims data, chart review, paper-based registries, computer based registries, full EHR)?

  2. Would you be able to give a brief “real-life” description of how one or more practices adopted chart review based measures? Paper-based registries for reporting measures?

  3. How was the data collection system validated (i.e. field testing, provider engagement, feedback loop for refinement)?

  4. What was the level of technical support that needed to be provided to physicians’ offices?

  5. How did you obtain provider buy-in (i.e., cultural and attitudinal change)?

  6. What was the cost to individual practices (particularly for smaller practices less than 5 physicians) for implementing the performance measures that required either chart review or in-office registries?

  7. What was the cost estimate to your organization as a whole for data collection? (Ideally this could be estimated “per-member per month” or per year.)

  8. Can you provide illustrative examples of observed improvement?

  9. Has improved performance been linked to any payment incentives? If yes, how?

  10. Are data currently publicly reported?

  11. Overall, what were your key “lessons learned”?

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