1. Unless permission is otherwise given, the responses provided in this survey will only be used in an aggregated fashion in the Committee report. Your society will be listed as a respondent to the survey.

    1. May we use the comments you have provided verbatim in the report (Y/N)?

    2. May we attribute these comments to your society (Y/N)?

Please share your perspective on instrumentation:

  1. In the fields represented by your society, what types of advanced research instrumentation (instrumentation with capital costs between $2M and $100M) are used? What is your assessment of the availability of and additional need for these instruments?

  2. What new kinds of instrumentation in the $2-$100M price range do you think researchers in your society will be interested in five years from now?

  3. Besides additional federal funding, what is the primary federal agency policy issue your field faces and what is your assessment of current agency policies for advanced research instrumentation?

  4. Do you have any additional thoughts regarding advanced research instrumentation that you would like to share with the Committee?


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