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when she visits on November 22. That’s in three weeks. Can you be there?”

“Can I bring Michel, my co-conspirator?”

“Surely. We’ll work through the details. She’ll announce it at a ceremony at Dr. Guy’s hospital in Pignon.”

“I’m giving testimony at trial right now. This is for real, right? Is there a number where I can call you back tomorrow?”

“Just use this same number. The First Lady wanted to announce something positive while she was in Haiti, so she called us to see if we had anything in the works. We reviewed all the proposals and yours was the best.”

I had just enough time to call Michel before the trial resumed. After our first trip to Haiti, it was clear that what we could do that would help Haiti the most was what we also did in Miami—train family physicians. The Haitian medical education system, modeled after the French, had only one residency position for every two graduates. These residencies in traditional specialties were all based in Port-au-Prince. Thus, the system forced its graduates to either specialize or emigrate. Meanwhile, in rural Haiti, where 85 percent of the people lived, there were hardly any doctors. Those who did practice outside the capital were not trained to meet the health care needs of the people they were supposed to be serving. We put these ideas down on paper, organized into an ambitious program to fund three residency programs throughout the country—one in the north, one in the center, and one in the south. Now, at least one was going to become a reality.

Michel and I had to book reservations in first class in order to get to Haiti with only three weeks’ notice. We drank champagne and congratulated each other during the flight. Mostly, we were thrilled that our plans for training Haitian doctors in family medicine were about to become a reality. But this scholarly achievement was about to be infused with star quality. We were going to meet the billionaire philanthropist George Soros and the First Lady, Hilary Rodham Clinton. We rendezvoused with Mr. Soros, the philanthropist who

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