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Suz: I’m so excited!

Dad: Me, too! Dental care for Thomonde! Who ever would have thought it!

Suz: I know. I’ve got faculty and students signed up to go, and 500 toothbrushes….

Dad: A little bit of prevention will go a long way. Hey, Suz—would you look up a book in the library?

Suz: Dad you’re getting so old! Nobody goes to the library anymore! Just download whatever you’re looking for off the Internet.

Dad: No Suz. This won’t be on the Internet. It’s a book written in Creole probably about 30 years ago. Fundamentals of Dental Care, author Régis _________. It may not even be in the library, but I’d just like to know.

Suz: Wow, that’s cool. If it’s in Creole, we could really use it! How’d you find out about it?

Dad: It’s a long story.

Suz: Dad, you’re getting a little cryptic on me.

Dad: You know what a slow typist I am! I’ll tell you the whole story in Haiti.

Suz: You’re testing my patience!

Dad: Hey, you remember the kid who was dumped in your arms at Bercail Bon Berger on your second trip?

Suz: Dad! Of course, I do!

Dad: I saw him during my last trip. He’s doing great! A real gwo-neg! Lots of personality!

Suz: That’s great. I love you!

Dad: I love you, too!

Suz: Bye!

Dad: Bye!

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