TABLE 1-1 Checklist of Issues to Consider When Arranging Transportation Between Research Facilities

Shipping Container

  • Is the shipping container appropriate for the expected conditions?

  • Does the container comply with USDA standards set for warm-blooded vertebrates except rats, mice, and birds?

  • Does the container comply with International Air Transport Association standards if transport includes air travel?

Shipping Company

  • Will the same company be transporting the animals during all legs of the journey, or will a third-party carrier or subcontractor be used for some legs?

Environmental Conditions

  • Are environmentally controlled vehicles used for all segments of ground transportation?

  • If environmentally controlled vehicles will not be used, or air travel is involved, does the shipping company have contingency plans for maintenance of the animals if the ambient temperature is below or exceeds acceptable ranges?

  • Does the shipping company have standard operating procedures for ensuring that animals are not exposed to extreme environmental conditions during transfer between vehicles and at the end destination?


  • Does the company provide specialized training for all employees involved in transportation of animals?

  • If a third-party carrier or subcontractor is involved in the transportation, are they also trained?

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