bution—of psittacine birds, molluscan shellfish, turtles, and African rodents or other animals that may carry the monkeypox virus (refer to 21 CFR 1240.65, 21 CFR 1240.60, 21 CFR 1240.62, 21 CFR 1240.63, respectively). Essentially, CDC prohibits the importation of the animals, and FDA prohibits their domestic interstate and intrastate movement, with special procedures for exceptional circumstances.

Exceptions to the prohibitions are possible only by obtaining written permission from the FDA. A written request must be sent to the Listed Animal Permit Official at the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine. The request must include the reasons why an exemption is needed and a description of the animals involved, how the animals will be transported, holding facilities, quarantine procedures, and veterinarian evaluation of the transportation. For more information, visit the following website:



All states have regulations that control the movement of animals into them, although not all of these regulations pertain to research animals. For example, the California Department of Health Services requires a permit to transport nonhuman primates into the state. Links to the regulations have been organized by the USDA APHIS Veterinary Services at:


State regulations that pertain specifically to wildlife are found at:


The committee recommends that people arranging transportation of research animals consult those websites, particularly when arranging for transportation of animals between research institutions.


Regulations pertaining to the international transportation of live animals, tissues, and specimens are intended to ensure the comfort of animals and the safety of animals and their handlers, and to minimize the biosecurity risks associated with the handling of live animals and of the colonies into which live animals are introduced. The international regula-

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