appear to be directed at “jump starting” a major new capacity-building initiative in a crosscutting element. These efforts will have few short-term deliverables but significant long-term benefits.

In revising the strategic plan there are a number of ways that the CCSP could address the major inconsistencies between the activities described in Chapters 2 and 3 and the stated goals for the CCRI. One approach would be to revise the objectives of the CCRI to be more consistent with the apparent objectives mentioned above for the activities currently included in Chapters 2 and 3 of the draft plan. This revision would tend to de-emphasize the importance of decision support within the CCRI. An alternative approach would be move those activities in Chapters 2 and 3 of the draft plan that are not directly linked to near-term decision making to the relevant GCRP sections of the plan. Decision support activities would then likely become the primary focus of the CCRI. The committee believes that it is important for the program to correct these inconsistencies while maintaining a strong emphasis on near-term decision support in the CCRI.

In addition to addressing these inconsistencies, the revised strategic plan also needs to more clearly describe how the research activities included in the GCRP support the decision support needs of the CCRI. The revised plan should clearly describe how the program intends to enable the transition of research results into operations and decision making. Indeed, there should be a “rolling linkage” between the two programs, with CCRI objectives periodically redefined as a result of new scientific input from GCRP.

Recommendation: The revised strategic plan should: (1) present clear goals for the CCRI and ensure that its activities are consistent with these goals; (2) maintain CCRI’s strong emphasis on support for near-term decisions as an ongoing component of the program; and (3) include an explicit mechanism to link GCRP and CCRI activities.

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