ANNEX TABLE 3C.2 Examples of Networks and Programs for Cryospheric Parameters


Acronym Definition

Geographical Coverage

Temporal Coverage

Main Variables

Sensor Type

Sensor Location

Data Availability

Web Site




Global Land Ice Measurements from Space




Ice margins and surface feature velocities

Radiometers measuring visible, near infrared, and shortwave radiation

Radarsat, Landsat 7, and EOS Terra

Satellite images and processed maps can be found at the Web site

IABP (Network); part of the World Weather Watch Programme (WMO)

International Arctic Buoy Programme

Arctic Ocean; 25 buoys


Sea ice growth/melt, ice temperature, and ice motion

Anemometers, pressure sensors, pressure transducers, and thermistors

Surface air and ocean water

Available on IABP Web site and through the NSIDC

IASC WAG; includes the MAGICS projectb

International Arctic Science Committee Working Group on Arctic Glaciology

Pan-arctic; 28 glaciers and ice caps

Various (starting in 1950)


Glacier mass balance

Ablation stakes, snow pits, photography, optical and microwave satellite sensors, and gauging stations

Glacier surface, glacial runoff waters, aircrafts, and satellites

Summaries available on Web site

IPA/CALM (Network)

International Permafrost Association/Circumpolar Active Layer Monitoring

Pan-arctic; more than 100 platforms

Various (starting in 1990)


Active layer, and permafrost temperature

Frost or thaw tubes, small diameter metal rods, and dataloggers

Permanently installed devices in bore holes and frost and thaw tubes

Summaries for many of the CALM sites are available through the National Snow and Ice Data Center


World Glacier Monitoring Service


Various (starting in 1894)

Glacier mass balance, extent, and perennial surface ice distribution

Ablation stakes, snow pits, photography, optical and microwave satellite sensors

Glacier surface, aircraft, satellites

Available through the World Glacier Inventory (WGI) at the NSIDC

aA dash (—) means undetermined.

bMass balance of Arctic Glaciers and Ice sheets in relation to Climate and Sea level changes (MAGICS).

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