FIGURE 8-1 The scope of emergency care research.

the care of these patients in the prehospital and hospital settings; however, it reaches further into the inpatient setting, particularly the intensive care unit (ICU) and surgical departments, and deals with critical care and the operative management of trauma patients. In addition to trauma surgeons, the research involves specialists in critical care and anesthesiology, as well as collaborators in organ and disease specialties such as neurology and orthopedics. A significant focus of trauma research is service delivery and the effectiveness of trauma care systems.

The injury control field can be thought of as an arm of trauma research that has developed a distinct or rather several distinct areas of focus. It is concerned principally with the prevention of injury, but also overlaps significantly with the acute management of injury and has an additional focus on long-term rehabilitation following traumatic injury. It is one of the most interdisciplinary fields in all of medicine, involving the collaboration

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