Questions & Big Ideasa

Components of Big Ideas

K-2 Elaboration of Big Ideas

1. What are things made of and how can we explain their properties?

Existence of matter and diversity of material kinds.

Objects are made of specific materials.

There are different kinds of materials.

The same kind of object can be made of different materials.

1. Objectsb are constituted of matter, which exists as many different material kinds. Objects have properties that can be measured and depend on the amount of matter and on the material kinds they are made of.



Objects have properties that can be measured and explained. Three important properties are mass, weight, and volume.

Objects have certain properties—weight, length, area, and volume—that can be described, compared and measured. (Only preliminary exploration and construction of volume measurement at this time.)


Material kinds have characteristic properties that can be measured and explained.

The properties of materials can be described and classified. (Only readily observable properties, such as color, hardness, flexibility, are investigated at this time.)

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