• Showering before bed instead of in the morning

  • Making the all-important clothes choices the night before, so there’s no need to make decisions (or change her mind three times) in the morning

  • Making certain the night before that all the clothes— including socks or stockings and underwear—that are needed are available or will be available; if clothes are in the to-be-washed or to-be-ironed pile, teens can negotiate with their parents to do it for them—or choose something else

  • Organizing all accessories ahead of time

  • Making lunch together the night before; a list of easy-to-assemble foods your teen likes will help ensure they’re in the fridge and make it easy to put something together in a hurry

  • Setting all needed books, papers, and homework where they won’t be forgotten and can be grabbed easily in the morning


Though many people think that using the snooze button on their alarm clock gives them a few extra minutes of rest, it actually reduces the quality of their sleep. Hitting the snooze button every few minutes just interrupts the sleep cycle again and again, keeping you from waking up feeling refreshed. Setting the alarm for 10 or 15 minutes later than usual and getting right up when it goes off will provide 10 or 15 minutes of additional quality sleep.

  • Encourage your teen to think up ways to recognize her achievement when bedtime and morning hassles are kept to a minimum. You can negotiate what will happen or what she will be given as a reward, but do acknowledge the effort when she gets her act together.

  • Ask your teen to try keeping a diary in which she writes during the last hour before bed. Writing in a diary has two functions: It helps the winding-down process by providing an outlet for private self-expression and helps the teen feel organized and less stressed about the day ahead.

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