In all, the book will give you the tools you need to jumpstart and sustain a successful sleep program. But will all the information gathered here make your family’s school mornings—and the rest of your days and nights—perfect? In a word, the answer is no. While my husband and I no longer have to shout several times to get Elyssa out the door in the mornings, and she gets enough sleep the night before exams and tries not to sleep all weekend so that her weekdays will be less groggy and her health more assured, occasionally she doesn’t get all the sleep she needs. For Elyssa, like most teens, combining all the elements and pressures of her jam-packed day with the perfect night’s sleep is a work in progress. But for the most part the sleep program she follows—the one included here—gives her the energy, the attitude, and the ability to do and be her best. I believe that program, plus the additional information and solutions offered in this book, will help you and your teen wake up to the importance of sleep and help your teen get the healthy, success-producing sleep she needs.

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