Ask your teen to take this National Sleep Foundation quiz to check her understanding of what happens during sleep and why she needs more sleep than she’s getting. It’s a good idea for you and the rest of your family to take the test too.

  1. During sleep, your brain rests. (T or F)

  2. You can learn to function normally with two or three hours less sleep than your body actually needs per night. (T or F)

  3. Teens go to sleep and wake later because they are lazy. (T or F)

  4. Although you may not get enough sleep during the week, you can catch up on your sleep on weekends and still have healthy sleep habits. (T or F)

  5. Boredom makes you feel sleepy, even if you have had enough sleep. (T or F)

  6. Resting in bed with your eyes closed cannot satisfy your body’s need for sleep. (T or F)

  7. Snoring is not harmful as long as it does not disturb others or wake you up.* (T or F)

  8. Most people do not know when they are sleepy. (T or F)

  9. Turning up the radio, opening the window, or turning on the air conditioner will help you stay awake while driving. (T or F)

  10. Sleep disorders are mainly due to worry or psychological problems. (T or F)

  11. Everyone dreams every night. (T or F)

  12. Driving after being awake for 18 hours puts you at the same level of risk for a crash as someone who is legally drunk. (T or F)

Answers: 1. F, 2. F, 3. F, 4. F, 5. F, 6. T, 7. F, 8. T, 9. F, 10. F, 11. T, 12. T


* Snoring may be a sign of sleep apnea; see Chapter 7 for details.

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