TABLE 3-2 Recommended Information to be Included in Scientific Reports on Aerosols

Aerosol-generation information

  1. Type of aerosol generator, including manufacturer name and location

  2. Identification of aerosol vehicle (e.g., water, phosphate-buffered saline, glycerol, lactose)

Particle-size information, depending on type of instrument used

  1. MMAD

  2. GSD

  3. Volume median diameter (V0.50)

  4. Type of particle-sizing instrument used, including manufacturer name and location

  5. Sampling time and flow rate

  6. Calibration method for the particle sizing instrument

Impinger information, if aerosolizing microorganisms

  1. Type of impinger

  2. Sampling time and flow rate

  3. Indication of whether impinger was sterilized, and method used

  4. Estimate of microorganism viability and how estimate was obtained

Exposure information

  1. Did exposure occur during nose-only breathing, in a whole body chamber, or using an alternative to inhalation?

  2. If animal was anesthetized, the anesthetic agent(s), dosage and route of administration

  3. Animal’s total aerosol-exposure time

  4. Size and volume of exposure chamber

  5. Were animals exposed separately or together?

  6. Exposure period in relation to the animal’s normal diurnal (light-dark) activity cycle

  7. Temperature and relative humidity of exposure environment

  8. Concentration of test agent in exposure environment

  9. How the aerosol was charge-neutralized (or justification of why it was not neutralized)

  10. Minute ventilation of animal, corrected to BTPS (body temperature and pressure, saturated relative humidity)

  11. How minute ventilation was measured

  12. Was animal loosely restrained or closely restrained during testing?

  13. For bacterial and viral aerosols, the number of live organisms in the aerosol sample and how this information was obtained

Animal information

  1. Species, age, and sex of the animals utilized

  2. Health status of the animals utilized

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