Allocating and distributing organs, 95

access to immunosuppressive medications following transplantation, 95

equitable access to transplantation, 95

Allosensitization, 59

Altruism, cultural norms and models of willingness to donate, 7071

AMA. See American Medical Association

American Board for Transplant Certification (ABTC), 99

American Heart Association (AHA), 153154, 156

American Medical Association (AMA), 197, 214, 225, 250, 257

American Nurses Association, 197

American Society of Transplant Physicians (ASTP), 133

American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS), 33, 188, 249, 252

American Society of Transplantation (AST), 33, 188

AOPO. See Association of Organ Procurement Organizations

Appeals. See Acceptable appeals

Arguments for and against preferred-access approaches, 254258

the adverse selection problem, 256257

the information problem, 256

the unfair allocation problem, 257258

Arizona, 186, 302

Arkansas, 194

Asian Americans, 65, 196

Asian-Pacific Islanders, 195

Assessment of DCDD strategies in the United States, 141143

DCDD cases reported by OPOs, 143

deceased donors, 142

organs recovered from DCDD donors in the U.S., 143

Assessment of presumed-consent policies, 212224

autonomy-based arguments, 218219

chances of a presumed-consent policy being adopted in the U.S., 222224

cost-effectiveness, 216

effectiveness in increasing the number of transplantable organs, 212216

individual generosity, societal generosity, and mutual self-interest, 221222

justice and fairness, 219221

possible benefits of and barriers to presumed-consent policies, 223

reducing the burden of familial decision making, 216218

Association of Organ Procurement Organizations (AOPO), 5, 21, 33, 97, 99, 119, 136

AST. See American Society of Transplantation

ASTP. See American Society of Transplant Physicians

ASTS. See American Society of Transplant Surgeons

Austria, 27

Autonomy-based arguments, 218219


Barriers, to a futures market, 234235

Behavioral interventions, 300301

Belgium, 27, 217

Brain function, controversy over, 146

Breakthrough collaborative model, 103.

See also Organ Donation Breakthrough Collaboratives;

Organ Transplantation Breakthrough Collaborative;

Transplantation breakthrough collaboratives

British Medical Association, 222n

Buying and selling of organs, 239242

advantages of the gift model, 240241

claims of a liberty right to sell organs, 241242


California Transplant Donor Network, 109

Candidates on the transplant waiting list, growth in numbers of, 2, 16

Cannulation, 133, 310.

Cardiac arrests, 138, 286287, 308

Cardiac life-support efforts, criteria for termination of advanced, 132

CDC. See Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDD. See Circulatory determination of death

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 8, 198199

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