1. Does traffic safety in less developed countries have a relationship to the programs or mission of your agency? If yes, what is the basis and nature of the interest? For example,

    • A statutory responsibility to provide technical assistance, education, or training to foreign countries.

    • Concern for protecting agency personnel abroad.

    • Responsibility to promote trade through harmonization of standards.

    • Effects on economies (e.g., tourism, global businesses).

    • Improved law enforcement and justice administration in other countries (e.g., to combat international crime).

    • Collection and improvement of data on traffic problems and injuries.


  1. Does the agency currently have activities or programs related to traffic safety in less developed countries?

    If yes, what are the nature and objectives of the activities? For example, do the activities deal with any of the following aspects of the road transportation and emergency response systems in less developed countries:

    • Drivers, passengers, and pedestrians: training, licensing, regulation, enforcement, public education.

    • Vehicles: standards, inspections, design features.

    • Roadways: standards, facilities, traffic management, speed limits, road design, emergency response, medical services, trauma care, disability prevention.

    • Information systems: injury, crash, and traffic database development and applications.

    • Workforce and institutional capacity building: professional training, exchange programs.

    • Institutional environment: legal liability, insurance, law enforcement.

    • Land use policies.

    • Mass transit: buses, subways.

  1. Has the agency done anything else to encourage the improvement of traffic safety in less developed countries?

  2. Has there been any change in agency activities about road traffic safety in less developed countries since World Health Day, April 7, 2004, devoted to global road safety?

  3. Have any partner organizations approached or worked with your agency to improve road traffic safety in less developed countries?

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