1. Has the agency engaged in technical assistance to less developed countries on other topics?

  2. In general, what are the forms of the agency’s programs of assistance or interaction with less developed countries on technical or health matters?

  3. Does the agency work through international agencies or country to country?

  4. How are less developed country needs identified and relationships established?

International Road Traffic Safety

  1. Does your agency have a separate action plan or a strategy for global road traffic safety?

    If yes, does it specifically include less developed countries?

    If yes, has the plan or strategy been implemented?

  2. Has traffic safety been integrated within an overall action plan or global strategy for your agency?

    If yes, has the plan or strategy been implemented?

  3. Are you familiar with

    • World Health Assembly Resolution on Road Safety and Health.

    • WHO World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention.

    • The Global Road Safety Crisis: We Should Do Much More—Task Force for Child Survival and Development.

    • UN resolution to improve global road safety.

    • World Health Day, April 7, 2004, devoted to global road safety.

    • UN General Assembly meeting on global road safety.


  1. Is there anyone else in your agency or another agency that I should contact about road traffic safety in less developed countries?

Thank you for your time. If you think of anything else that might be important for the inventory of U S. government interests and activities related to road traffic safety, I can be reached at [telephone number and e-mail address].

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