information. Data pipelines between global change producers and public health decision-makers simply did not exist.

5. Learning orientation

Meeting deadlines in delivering components of the system to our CDC colleagues is one critical measure of success. Another will be implementing technologies on the NASA side that have proven track records. Managing CDC’s expectations will also be very important. To do this, both sides require a solid understanding of what each will do.

6. Continuity and flexibility

The program is fortunate to be driven by congressional mandate. Therefore, NASA’s partners in the effort have relatively secure funding streams.

The program seeks to bridge three disparate disciplines (Earth science and aerospace with public health). Curriculum development and interdisciplinary research are encouraged at the national level. NASA is working with the Association of Schools of Public Health, the American Public Health Association, and other public health academic leaders to address the issue. NASA and NCAR are co-sponsoring a summer institute for graduate students interested in linking climate change science with public health.

7. Other insights?

At some point, those responsible for action must be made aware of the wealth of pertinent knowledge. At the same time, those responsible for generating that knowledge, must recognize that it is not available to those who need it for decision-making in a timely manner and in a readily useful format.

Contact information

Dr. Robert Venezia

Program Manager, Public Health

NASA Office of Earth Science


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  1. NASA’s Earth Science Applications website: []

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  3. NASA’s Earth Science for Society Brochure, which discusses all 12 of our applications areas: Please go to the drop box at [] and click on “Science for Society brochure

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