Recommendation 5.2: The JTF-MV should appoint one scientific director, reporting to the commanding general of the USAMRMC, to provide joint direction and accountability for the program. The scientific director must have operational authority and budgetary as well as scientific control.

Recommendation 5.3: The JTF-MV should organizationally incorporate an industry/business model and be constituted as a single legal entity (able to share proprietary data) that would simplify the external contracting process, including cooperative research and development agreements, interagency agreements, and other contracts. The JTF-MV must include team members with specialized expertise in business and regulatory affairs. Although these individuals would be located in the existing business and regulatory affairs units, adequate staffing for these tasks must be assigned to the JTF-MV in order to avoid or minimize future intellectual property conflicts and other issues.

Recommendation 5.4: The JTF-MV program for vaccine development should have an external senior expert advisory group (scientific advisory board) that conducts yearly face-to-face meetings to provide external review and evaluation of the scientific program, and also gives ongoing advice in a timely manner. The scientific advisory board can assist the program to set clear and appropriate objectives (defined up front), with benchmarks of progress. Draft terms of reference for the scientific advisory board are found in Appendix E.

Recommendation 5.5: The annual proposal cycle should be replaced with a more programmatic and directed approach to project management under the newly reorganized JTF-MV. The MIDRP sets the annual budget and long-range objectives (with input from the scientific advisory board), and implementation is by the JTF-MV with a longer (approximately 3 year) time horizon for projects.

Recommendation 5.6: A malaria program transition team (led by a program manager with a strong business/industry background who reports to the commanding general of USAMRMC) should be established to carry out the JTF-MV reorganization and constitution of the scientific advisory board and assist with recruitment of a highly qualified JTF-MV scientific director. This transition team will be disbanded once the reorganization is in place.

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