Kathryn Logan, National Institute of Aerospace, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Christopher Lynch, Georgia Institute of Technology

John Malone, NASA Langley Research Center

Bob Mercier, Aerospace Corporation

Alan Miller, The Boeing Company

Larry Moody, Boeing Phantom Works

Joseph Mook, University of Buffalo

Mark Moore, NASA Langley Research Center

Michael Nathal, NASA Glenn Research Center

Dick Obermann, U.S. Congress, House Science Committee, Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics

Walter O’Brien, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Ozden Ochoa, Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Lisa Porter, NASA Headquarters

Mark Potapczuk, NASA Glenn Research Center

Louis Povinelli, NASA Glenn Research Center

David Radzanowski, Office of Management and Budget

Jonathan Ransom, NASA Langley Research Center

Vince Rausch, NASA Langley Research Center

Eli Reshotko, Case Western Reserve University

David Rhodes, Next Generation Air Transportation System, Joint Planning and Development Office

Kevin Rivers, NASA Langley Research Center

Gary Roberge, Pratt & Whitney

Kenneth Rosen, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (retired)

Carl Rousseau, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Jayant Sabnis, Pratt & Whitney

John Schmisseur, Air Force Research Laboratory

Jeffery Schroeder, NASA Ames Research Center

Corey Schumacher, Air Force Research Laboratory

Ron Sega, U.S. Air Force

Arun Sehra, NASA Glenn Research Center

Gary Seng, NASA Glenn Research Center

Ashok Singhal, CFD Research Corporation

Agam Sinha, MITRE Corporation

Charles Smith, NASA Ames Research Center

Robert Smith, Honeywell Defense and Space Company

Rick Stanley, GE Aircraft Engines

David Stark, NASA Glenn Research Center

Anthony Strazisar, NASA Glenn Research Center

Kenneth Suder, NASA Glenn Research Center

Paul Tan, FAA, William J. Hughes Technical Center

Anthony Tether, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Charles Trefny, NASA Glenn Research Center

Juris Vagners, University of Washington

William Wallace, Textron, Inc.

William Welsh, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

William Winfree, NASA Langley Research Center

Richard Wlezien, NASA Headquarters

Rob Wolz, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Erik Zahn, The Boeing Company

John Zuk, NASA Ames Research Center

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