FIGURE 5 Relative frequency of site dates.

For each facility (whether inside or outside the home country) respondents were asked for the year established or, if it is a planned facility, for the expected time before the facility would become operational. Figure 5 gives the relative frequency distribution for inside and outside sites. There is not a statistically significant difference between sites that are inside and sites that are outside the home country. By far the most common answer is for sites established in the past few years.

Next, respondents were asked whether the site characteristics found in Box 1 were correct for this facility.

Figure 6 presents results on the questions for all respondents according


General Site Characteristics

  1. This was part of an overall expansion of my firm’s R&D effort. (Expand)

  2. This was an acquisition of an existing R&D site. (Acquire)

  3. This was to establish or support research relationships with other firms. (SupResFirm)

  4. This was to establish or support research relationships with local universities or research institutes. (SupResUniv)

  5. This was to support needs of existing production facilities. (SupProd’n)

  6. This was a relocation of my firm’s R&D effort. (Relocate)

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