TABLE 3 Attractors/Detractors: Emerging versus Home and Other Developed




Output Markets


Quality of R&D Personnel


Costs = University Factors


Quality of R&D Personnel = IP Protection


University Factors


Output Markets




IP Factors


No Detractors

Output Markets are Growth & SupSales.

University Factors are CollabUniv and UnivFac.

IP Factors are IPProtect and Ownership.

ered particularly relevant in selecting the site. Note that there are no detractors for developed sites. In particular, recall from Figures 8 and 9 that costs are high in developed sites, but, on average, costs are not considered an important part of the decision for developed economies.

The order by which factors are listed in the table reflects the relative order of importance by stage of development. In addition, natural combinations of factors have been made; for example, both growth potential and supporting sales are output market factors, so they have been combined.2 An “equal” sign signifies no difference in the factors.


Naturally, these combinations reflect the authors’ interpretation of the data.

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