• Collaborate with the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NCMHD) to develop partnership center awards to both minority-serving and research-intensive schools of nursing.

Addressing the Nursing Faculty Shortage

  • Take steps to address the expected retirement over the next four to seven years of about 34 percent of nursing faculty.

  • Extend the recruitment of future clinical researchers to grade school and middle school sites so that children have a vision of possibilities (e.g., Kids into Health Careers, U.S. Public Health Service) before they make choices about courses in middle school that track them.

  • Discuss research, teaching, and clinical practice as different options for physicians, psychologists, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and social workers.

  • Fund continuing, seamless opportunities to nurture interest in clinical research careers (clinical and research emphases) beginning with field experiences for middle school students and continuing throughout high school and college.

  • Identify and train mentors to work with young people interested in health careers and help mentors to understand clinical research career options (include school counselors).

Retaining a Representative and Diverse Workforce for Clinical Research

  • Help students to find meaning in the work of a clinical researcher:

    • What does the study or research area mean to them personally? Within their cultural, ethnic group?

    • Is the problem one that matters in their community?

    • Who will benefit from their work?

  • Create learning opportunities that address these questions.

Education of Future Clinical Researchers

  • Expose students to interdisciplinary efforts so that they better understand complementary team members (e.g., Health Sciences Interprofessional Clinical Education Program at the University of Washington).

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