Select a bridge design that meets the problem constraints, and build a model of it with plastic straws and tape.


The model bridge should span a 25-cm space, hold the weight of at least five spice containers, and prevent them from falling off. Only the materials provided can be used to build the model.


Use your log sheets to show the drawings you make of potential bridge designs, to describe the process you use to design and select your bridge, and to record your test results.

Materials Provided

15 plastic drinking straws, each one 10 inches long

10 inches of masking tape

5 spice containers (~4 cm in diameter, 10 cm tall) filled with sand or water

2 large cardboard bricks log sheets

Time Limit

25 minutes

Case 3:
National-Sample Assessment of Teachers

Description and Rationale

Case 3 involves an assessment of technological literacy for a national sample of pre-service and in-service K–12 teachers. The sample would be designed to include generalists (e.g., elementary school teachers) as well as teachers in specific academic disciplines—science, mathematics, social studies/history, fine arts, and language arts. The sample would also

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