• Use computers and calculators to access, retrieve, organize, process, maintain, interpret, and evaluate data and information in order to communicate.

Standard 13:
Assess the Impact of Products and Systems
Benchmarks for Grades K–2
  • Collect information about everyday products and systems by asking questions.

  • Determine if the human use of a product or system creates positive or negative results.

Benchmarks for Grades 3–5
  • Compare, contrast, and classify collected information in order to identify patterns.

  • Investigate and assess the influence of a specific technology on the individual, family, community, and environment.

  • Examine the trade-offs of using a product or system and decide when it could be used.

Benchmarks for Grades 6–8
  • Design and use instruments to gather data.

  • Use data collected to analyze and interpret trends in order to identify the positive and negative effects of a technology.

  • Identify trends and monitor potential consequences of technological development.

  • Interpret and evaluate the accuracy of the information obtained and determine if it is useful.

Benchmarks for Grades 9–12
  • Collect information and evaluate its quality.

  • Synthesize data, analyze trends, and draw conclusions regarding the effect of technology on the individual, society, and environment.

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