1. gases from air conditioners and refrigerators escaping into the atmosphere.

  2. waste acid from chemical factories pumped into rivers.

(Suggested correct answer: B)

Committee Observations

In general, the questions in this assessment address everyday topics that average citizens might be expected to encounter. However, although the educators who designed the assessment claim that it tests higher order thinking skills, many test items require only low-level cognitive skills, mostly at the knowledge level, and occasionally at the application level. The 4th-grade exam includes questions that assess student awareness of how common technological devices function in their environment; these questions do not require recall of specific technical knowledge or jargon. Many items on the 7th-grade exam, however, either require factual recall or rely on logical reasoning. On the whole, a number of questions could be answered with little or no technological knowledge or understanding.

Industrial Technology Literacy Test



Michael Hayden, Iowa State University


Assess the level of industrial-technology literacy among high school students

What is measured

Knowledge in systems, applications, and interpretations of industrial technology

Target population

American high school students

Item format

Multiple choice

Sample size

806 high school and 265 college students

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