Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System—Science and Technology/Engineering



Massachusetts Department of Education


Monitor individual student achievement, gauge school and district performance, satisfy requirements of No Child Left Behind Act

What is measured

Knowledge of technology and engineering

Target population

5th-, 8th-, and 10th-grade students in Massachusetts

Item format

Multiple-choice and open-response items

Sample size

74,605 5th-grade and 78,686 8th-grade students in Massachusetts

Frequency of administration

Annually since 1998



The 5th- and 8th-grade assessment is part of a combined Science and Technology/Engineering Test that all students must take. Ten of the 39 questions are devoted to technology and engineering. The 10th-grade Technology/Engineering Test is one of four subject-area assessments (the others are biology, chemistry, and introductory physics) designed for students who have taken courses in these areas. The 10th-grade

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