1. place concrete construction blocks on top of each bridge until it collapses

  2. stack coins on both ends of each bridge until it collapses

  3. place D-cell batteries at the center of each bridge until it collapses

(Suggested correct answer: D)

  • 10th-grade multiple-choice question (2004)

In the first step of making some ceramic cups, the following manufacturing process is used. Liquid clay is poured into a mold, allowed to solidify, then removed from the mold.

What is the name of this manufacturing process?

  1. casting

  2. milling

  3. finishing

  4. refining

(Suggested correct answer: A)

Committee Observations

This instrument is well matched to the Massachusetts standards in science, technology, and engineering at the 5th-, 8th-, and 10th-grade levels. Most of the questions are multiple choice and focus on knowledge of course content, identification of terms, and rote memorization. A few open-ended questions require higher order thinking or design thinking to solve problems. For some questions, the distracters seemed just as plausible as the suggested correct answers.

Multiple-Choice Instrument for Monitoring Views on Science-Technology-Society Topics



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