NCEP National Centers for Environmental Prediction

NDFD National Digital Forecast Database

NDGD National Digital Guidance Database

NGDC National Geophysical Data Center

NHC National Hurricane Center

NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOMADS National Operational Model Archive and Distribution System

NSSL National Severe Storms Lab

NWP numerical weather prediction

NWS National Weather Service

NWR NOAA Weather Radio

NWWS NOAA Weather Wire Service

OAR Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

OCN Optimal Climate Normals

OHD Office of Hydrologic Development

PDA personal digital assistant

PDD Product/Service Description Document

PDF probability density function

PoP Probability of Precipitation

QPF quantitative precipitation forecast

RAL NCAR Research Applications Laboratory

RFC River Forecast Center

RFC Regional Forecast Center

RFP Request for Proposals

RISA Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessment

ROC Relative Operating Characteristic

RPC Rapid Prototyping Center

RPS Ranked Probability Score

RSM Regional Spectral Model

SAB Science Advisory Board

SEC Space Environment Center

SLP sea level pressure

SMLR Screening Multiple Linear Regression

SPC Storm Prediction Center

SREF short-range ensemble forecast

SSI NCEP Spectral Statistical Interpolation

SST sea surface temperature

TAF Terminal Aerodrome Forecast

TAR IPCC Third Assessment Report

THORPEX The Observing System Research and Predictability Experiment

TIGGE THORPEX Interactive Grand Global Ensemble

TPC Tropical Prediction Center

USACE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture

USGS U.S. Geological Survey

WFO Weather Forecast Office

WGNE Working Group on Numerical Experimentation

WMO World Meteorological Organization

WRF-AR Weather Research and Forecasting Advanced Research

WRF-NMM Weather Research and Forecasting Nonhydrostatic Mesoscale Model

WWRP World Weather Research Programme

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