considerations; principles and objectives; strategic framework and tasks; implementation and measurements; and supporting conditions and facilities.

As of June 2004, the Gateway Web site has become pivotal to the China-SDSP. Its function and technical specifications have been clarified and the overall design and specific modules are finished. Data from the five data centers and three networks are being integrated into this Gateway and will be available by the end of 2004.

In terms of policy making, a working group for data sharing was established and investigated the current status and trend of data policy, both at home and abroad, compiled relevant materials and information, established the “Guidelines of Data Submission from Major National Programs,” began researching the framework of relevant law and policy, and finished the conceptual design for data classification for sharing.

A research group for data standards also has been established. It has investigated the current status and trend of data standards both at home and abroad, compiled relevant standards, and drafted the framework and guidelines for data sharing management. In general, the China-SDSP is still in the overall planning phase, accumulating the experiences of technology and policy making, as well as overseeing pilot data sharing projects.

During the implementation period, 2006 to 2010, the following work will need to be done: continue the establishment of data sharing technology, policy, and law; extend the program coverage of scientific data centers or networks and make them operational; gradually improve technology and standards; enforce the cooperation among data centers in different research areas; and enhance the capacity to develop high-level data products and to ensure quality. After each yearly performance evaluation of the 25 pilot data centers or networks, the qualified ones will be included in the “National Scientific Data Master Network” and will start regular operation. The amount invested in each center will depend on its merits and performance. Another 15 to 20 data centers will be launched, including 200 new master databases. By 2010, a mechanism is expected to be established through which data are submitted from various governmental agencies and programs and delivered to potential users efficiently.

In conclusion, it is important to emphasize that science respects no border. The establishment and implementation of the China-SDSP needs the support and assistance of the international community, and in turn will contribute to the development of global science and technology.

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