2003 of the China Scientific Data Sharing Program (SDSP) under the National Basic Platform for Science and Technology in the Ministry of Science and Technology. Oversight of this Medical Data Sharing System has been undertaken by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the Chinese Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital and Graduate Medical School, and the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Various scientific data resources in medicine are being integrated together by the Medical Data Sharing System. The system covers most fields of medicine, including basic and clinical medicine, public health, traditional Chinese medicine, other special areas of medicine, and pharmacology. The system also has a database specifically for SARS and respiratory diseases.

The Medical Data Sharing System has important roles in many respects. It is used to:

  1. Serve medical research and teaching, and improve innovation in medical sciences and technology;

  2. Improve the overall level of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases;

  3. Enhance the personal health consciousness of people, thus promoting good health in society;

  4. Strengthen China’s ability to plan for and respond to sudden incidents in public health; and

  5. Provide an improved basis for government policies, as well as promote the development of the national economy and the medical system.

The organizational and management model for this system consists of a leading group, an expert group, and a working group. The leading group consists of the leaders of participating institutions and the professionals in charge of scientific administration who are responsible for the decision making, organization, and coordination of the system. The expert group is composed of experts from the China-SDSP and professionals in project-supported institutions. The expert group is responsible for steering and authorization of the general design, selection of participating institutions, and inspection of the project’s progress. The working group consists of members selected from the working group of the China-SDSP and employees of the participating institutions. It is responsible for drafting the feasibility report, general project design and implementation, and development of the main database.

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