evaluation and research findings through diverse communication channels and media to actively promote the use and scaling up of effective childhood obesity prevention policies and interventions.

Implementation Actions for Industry

Industry should collaborate with the public sector and other relevant stakeholders to develop a mechanism for sharing proprietary data and a sustainable funding strategy that can inform and support childhood obesity prevention interventions.

To accomplish this,

  • The private sector (e.g., industry and foundations) and the public sector (e.g., government and nonprofit organizations) should partner to develop a mechanism for the sharing proprietary data (e.g., product sales information, marketing research data, and the results of evaluations of industry-supported programs) that can inform research efforts and assist in developing a healthy lifestyles social marketing campaign. A long-term funding strategy should be established to sustain the campaign. Such a strategy should include a dedicated government appropriation and a dedicated set-aside from relevant industries.

  • Government and other interested stakeholders should develop incentives and rewards for industry stakeholders that collaborate on this endeavor.


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