the definition of obesity is equivalent to the CDC definition of overweight, and at risk of becoming obese is equivalent to the CDC definition of at risk for becoming overweight.

Calorie A kilocalorie is defined as the amount of heat required to change the temperature of 1 gram of water from 14.5° C to 15.5° C. In this report, calorie is used synonymously with kilocalorie as a unit of measure for energy obtained from foods and beverages.

Capacity Building A multidimensional and dynamic process that improves the ability of individuals, groups, communities, organizations, and governments to meet their objectives or enhance performance to address population health. In public health, capacity building involves the ability to carry out essential functions, such as developing and sustaining partnerships, leveraging resources, surveillance and monitoring, providing training and technical assistance, and conducting evaluations.

Caregiver An individual, such as a parent, foster parent, or head of a household, who attends to the needs of a child or an adolescent.

Channel An organized system through which interventions can be delivered efficiently to reach large segments of the population, such as schools, communities, and families at home.

Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) The Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) was founded in 1974 to promote responsible children’s advertising as a component of the strategic alliance with major advertising trade associations through the National Advertising Review Council. CARU is the children’s arm of the advertising industry’s self-regulation program and evaluates child-directed advertising and promotional material in all media to advance the accuracy, truthfulness, and consistency of advertisements.

Coalition An organized group of people in a community working toward a common goal. A coalition can have individual, group, institutional, community, or public policy goals.

Cognitive Outcomes Changes in an individual’s knowledge, awareness, beliefs, and attitudes about the importance of healthy diets and regular physical activity to reduce the risk of obesity and related chronic diseases.

Collaboration A cooperative effort between and among groups of people (e.g., governmental entities and private partners) through which partners work together toward mutual advantage and to achieve common goals.

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