involve increased resources, an emphasis on collaboration among community stakeholders, and the development and implementation of policies and programs that promote opportunities for physical activity and healthful eating, particularly for high-risk communities.

Implementation Actions for Schools

School boards, administrators, and staff should elevate the priority that is placed on creating and sustaining a healthy school environment and advance school policies and programs that support this priority.

To accomplish this,

  • Relevant federal and state agencies and departments, local school districts, individual schools and preschools, and childcare and after-school programs should prioritize opportunities for physical activity and expand the availability and access in schools to fruits, vegetables, and other low-calorie and high-nutrient foods and beverages that contribute to healthful diets. Increased resources are needed to develop, implement, and evaluate policies and programs. State and local school-based nutrition and physical activity standards need to be implemented, and the relevant educational entities should be held accountable for promoting and adhering to these standards.

Implementation Actions for Home

Families, parents, and caregivers should commit to promoting healthful eating and regular physical activity to create a healthy home environment.

To accomplish this,

  • Parents and caregivers should make physical activity and healthful eating priorities at home. They should provide food and beverage choices for their children that contribute to a healthful diet, encourage and support physical activity, limit children’s television viewing and other leisure screen time, and serve as positive role models. Parents can also serve as advocates to promote changes that encourage and support healthy behaviors in their local schools and communities.

Recommendation 2: Policy makers, program planners, program implementers, and other interested stakeholders—within and across relevant sectors—should evaluate all childhood obesity prevention efforts, strengthen

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