• Develop partnerships to fund, develop, and implement childhood obesity prevention evaluations.

Implementation Actions for Home

Parents and caregivers, as the policy makers in the household, should assess their family’s progress in achieving positive lifestyle changes.

To accomplish this,

  • Families should regularly assess their progress in adopting and maintaining healthy behaviors at home and achieving positive lifestyle changes.

Recommendation 3: Government, industry, communities, and schools should expand or develop relevant surveillance and monitoring systems and, as applicable, should engage in research to examine the impact of childhood obesity prevention policies, interventions, and actions on relevant outcomes, paying particular attention to the unique needs of diverse groups and high-risk populations. Additionally, parents and caregivers should monitor changes in their family’s food, beverage, and physical activity choices and their progress toward healthier lifestyles.

Implementation Actions for Government

Government at all levels should develop new surveillance systems or enhance existing surveillance systems to monitor relevant outcomes and trends and should increase funding for obesity prevention research.

In order to accomplish this,

  • Federal and state government surveillance systems should monitor the full range of outcomes in the evaluation framework. Surveillance systems—such as the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the School Health Policies and Programs Study, the Youth Media Campaign Longitudinal Survey, the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, and the National Household Transportation Survey—should be expanded to include relevant obesity-related outcomes. Surveillance systems that monitor the precursors of dietary and physical activity behaviors, including policies that have been implemented and structural, institutional, and environmental outcomes should be expanded or developed.

  • All states should have a mechanism in place to monitor childhood obesity prevalence, dietary factors, physical activity lev-

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