Our academy’s council put up $20,000 for staff support and to have the first meeting of IPSO. It is allowing me to volunteer time through the academies to help IPSO when it needs assistance. They have now, through the Bronfman Philanthropies, hired Janet Lowenthal, who I seated in the back, and is now actively helping to raise funds in the United States for IPSO.

Wiesel – Thank you all for coming here, for spending two and a half days listening to the discussion, participating, and making very fine comments. I think the value of these meetings is that we can become friends and look each other in the eye and exchange our views. I am concerned that, because of financial problems, it is possible this could be our last meeting, but the Network will still survive. As the representative from Morocco left, he said he would welcome a letter from us on the possibility of having a meeting in Morocco. But we will need some kind of miracle for us to continue having these meetings.

Remember that the Network is primarily a Network, and Carol is sitting in the center of this web. We will continue to update you on cases. Please look at our website, both the public and private ones. At your own academy, you should talk to the persons who are in charge of the website to post information about the Network there. You will receive, through email, the report that we discussed, with some agony, this morning. I think there was general agreement on the final wording. And there is also the excellent report that Arjuna made as a record of this meeting.

Of course, these reports are very brief. To make a full report of this meeting, everything has been taped. Anyone who has organized a meeting knows the amount of effort and time and money that needs to be spent to transcribe tapes from meetings and put them into order.

Some have said it would be nice to have Sari Nusseibeh’s speech, which you all enjoyed very much and was one of the high points of this meeting. If there are other things that you would like to have, let us know and we can see if it is possible to get a tape of this event and then maybe make it available, in some form, to you.

I would like to conclude by thanking the person who has been instrumental, much more than anyone else, in making this meeting possible. You can’t imagine the amount of effort and work, the number of hours, weekends, and overtime that she has spent in making this all possible. We want to show Carol that all of her efforts have been worth it so we should all show our appreciation by standing up and giving her our applause.

Thank you, this 7th Biennial Meeting of the Network is now adjourned.

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