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Awards, 52


Bachelors degrees. See Science and engineering undergraduate degree programs

Backlash, 184, 188

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Bias avoidance behaviors, 179


See also Subtle bias and discrimination

against caregivers, and family obligations, 174−175

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evidence establishing that most men and women hold implicit, findings concerning, 3

moving beyond, 159

specific steps for overcoming, 158, 242

against women, 114, 215

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brain structure and function, 37−38

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hormonal influences on cognitive performance, 38−39

and learning and performance, 37−42

psychological development in infancy, 39−41

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Blueprint for action, 219−241

changing institutional processes to combat bias, 219−225

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Brain structure and function, 25, 37−38

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Talent Imperative: Diversifying America’s Science and Engineering Workforce, 21

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productivity, 117−120

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Ceilings. See Glass ceiling;

“Polycarbonate ceiling”

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coordinating body, 232−237

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economic reasons, 218

ethical reasons, 218

federal standards and compliance issues, 238−240

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