TABLE 4-2 Conflicts of Interest That Lead to a “Cover Memo” Only (Disclosure Required, but Waiver)

Type of Conflict of Interest

Party Matters

General Matters

Any Matter

Stocks and Investments

Stock value is less than or equal to $5,000 in aggregate (5 CFR 2640.202(a) de minimis exemption)

Stock value is less than or equal to $25,000 per entity/$50,000 in aggregate (5 CFR 2640.202(b) de minimis exemption)


Primary Employment

SGE is a federal employee and his agency, not his organizational component, is conducting research on the product under review—funding from the sponsor is less than $500,000/per year

Matters will not have a special or distinct effect on the SGE or employer, the committee’s decision may affect SGE/employer only as a part of a class of product manufacturers (5 CFR 2640.203 (g) exemption for non-Federal employment interests of SGEs on advisory committees)




SGE is a federal employee, and his agency is conducting research for one or more firms with an interest in the general matter before the committee


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