FIGURE 1-1 Reconstructed (a) pre-drainage (circa 1850) and (b) current (1994) satellite images of the Everglades ecosystem.

NOTE: The yellow line in (a) outlines the historical Everglades ecosystem, and the yellow line in (b) outlines the remnant Everglades ecosystem as of 1994.

SOURCE: Courtesy of Christopher McVoy, Jayantha Obeysekera, and Winifred Said, South Florida Water Management District.

Comprehensive Review Study Final Integrated Feasibility Report and Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (USACE and SFWMD, 1999), also known as the Yellow Book. The CERP aims to achieve ecological restoration by restoring hydrologic characteristics as close as possible to their pre-drainage conditions in what remains of the Everglades ecosystem, recognizing that irreversible changes to the landscape make restoration to full pre-drainage conditions impossible. Although the CERP is the largest of the major restoration initiatives under way to restore the South Florida

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