DEM Digital Elevation Model

DEP Department of Environmental Protection

DMSTA Dynamic Model for Storm Water Treatment Area

DOI U.S. Department of the Interior

DQO data quality objective

EAA Everglades Agricultural Area

ECP Everglades Construction Project

EDEN Everglades Depth Estimation Network

ELM Everglades Landscape Model

ENP Everglades National Park

FAU Florida Atlantic University

FBAMS Florida Bay and Adjacent Marine Ecosystems Science

FDEP Florida Department of Environmental Protection

FGCU Florida Gulf Coast University

FIATT Florida Invasive Animals Task Team

FIU Florida International University

FSM feasibility scoping meeting

FWC Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

FY fiscal year

GAO Government Accountability Office

GIS geographic information system

HAED high-accuracy elevation data

HMDT high-resolution multi-data source topography

HSI Habitat Suitability Index

IAR Incremental Adaptive Restoration

IOP Interim Operational Plan

IPR in-progress review

IRL Indian River Lagoon

IRL-S Indian River Lagoon-South

ISOP Interim Structural and Operational Plan

kg kilogram

L levee

LiDAR Light Detection and Ranging

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